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98-15-11 - I added a new book to the "featured book" section of the C-KT Bookstore.  I also added the skeleton of what will be "The NAI Chronicles."

98-18-11 - Big Brother Watch Updated.

98-21-11 - Big Brother Watch Updated.

98-23-11 - Big Brother Watch Updated.

98-25-11 - Big Brother Watch Updated.

98-26-11 - Big Brother Watch Updated.

98-29-11 - Big Brother Watch Updated.

98-01-12 - Big Brother Watch Updated.

98-06-12 - Big Brother Watch Updated.  Sorry for the delay, I had some computer issues to contend with before I could do any updates.

98-12-13 - Big Brother Watch Updated.  Someone pointed out that my system of dating was not ISO-compliant.  Please note that the form now goes Year/Month/Day.

98-12-31 - I began work reconstructing the C-KT web page because of technical problems with the old one.

99-01-02 - Happy New Year everyone.  I fixed a few html bugs on the page, and I also updated Big Brother Watch.

99-01-25 - It's been a long time since the last update.  I still have to fix the script problems throught the web site.  I have been swamped with work (and it looks like it will get worse before better), but I hope to fix things sometime soon.  I updated Big Brother Watch today to cover the big stories over the past several weeks. - Earth's Biggest Bookstore The HTML Writers Guild Created Using Microsoft FrontPage Cyber-Knights Templar Watchwise Powered

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